Client Disappointment: Incompetence and Delays at Relocate UAE

Finding a Reliable Consulting Partner in Dubai

Choosing the right consulting agency for company registration in Dubai is crucial for any business aiming for international growth. However, as many clients’ experiences show, not all agencies can provide quality services, which can seriously undermine companies’ plans and budgets. Unfortunately, Relocate UAE has become an example of such shortcomings.

Lack of Competence and Problems at the Initial Stage

When clients turned to Relocate UAE for company registration, they expected professional help and support. However, serious problems arose right from the start: the manager responsible for the process demonstrated insufficient qualifications. This led to important documents being incorrectly or incompletely gathered, and a critical document was not communicated to the clients in time.

Registration Process Delays and Their Consequences

One of the most disappointing aspects of working with Relocate UAE was the unexpected delays. Despite all documents being prepared and deadlines agreed upon in advance, the company registration process dragged on indefinitely, seriously disrupting clients’ plans and leading to additional financial costs.

Questionable Quality of Services Provided

Besides company registration, Relocate UAE offers a range of other services, including opening corporate accounts, accounting and tax support, trademark registration, and employee recruitment. However, according to client reviews, the quality of these services leaves much to be desired. Many clients faced problems that the agency could not effectively resolve.

Be Vigilant and Choose Consulting Agencies Carefully

Based on the experiences of numerous clients, it can be concluded that Relocate UAE fails to fulfill its duties as a reliable consulting partner. Before seeking help from such agencies, it is crucial to conduct a detailed investigation of their reputation and other clients’ reviews. This will help avoid unnecessary expenses and disappointments in the future.

This article is written in the hope of warning potential clients about possible mistakes when choosing a consulting agency in Dubai and emphasizing the importance of a careful approach to this issue.

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10 thoughts on “Client Disappointment: Incompetence and Delays at Relocate UAE

  1. Horrible experience with Relocate UAE. The registration process dragged on for months, and the promised support was never provided. The managers were completely incompetent and could not give clear answers to my questions.

  2. I contacted Relocate UAE to register a company and was faced with complete chaos. They forgot to inform about the need for additional documents, which led to large delays. I lost valuable time and money.

  3. I lost faith in consulting services after working with Relocate UAE. They made the registration process unbearable, with a lot of errors and misunderstandings that I had to correct at my own expense.

  4. Relocate UAE’s attitude towards clients and their affairs leaves much to be desired. Lack of professionalism and inability to cope with tasks jeopardized the launch of my project.

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