Experience with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality

The Importance of Choosing the Right Consulting Agency
Selecting the appropriate consulting agency for company registration in Dubai plays a critical role in the success of your business. Expectations may be high, but our experience with Walton Consultants demonstrates that reality can sharply diverge from expectations.

Initial Stages of Collaboration: Documentation Issues
Initially, we gathered all the necessary documents for company registration, but later it was revealed that Walton Consultants had not informed us about the need for another important document. This omission led to significant initial delays in the process.

Continuation of Work: Missed Deadlines and Delays
When all the documents were ready and the registration timelines were preliminarily agreed upon, the process unexpectedly dragged on. Promised weeks turned into months of waiting, significantly disrupting our development plans and resulting in financial losses.

Evaluation of Walton Consultants’ Additional Services
Walton Consultants offer a wide range of services, from company registration to concierge services. However, considering our issues at the initial stages, we had questions about the quality and reliability of their other services. Expectations of high-quality service were not met.

Lack of Accountability and Support
One of the main problems in working with Walton Consultants was their complete lack of willingness to rectify mistakes. Despite numerous inquiries, the agency took no active steps to address the issues, leaving us without the necessary support and solutions.

Conclusion: How to Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Consulting Agencies
Based on our experience with Walton Consultants, we recommend thoroughly researching the reputation and reviews of a consulting agency before starting collaboration. It is also important to insist on clarity in all processes and documents, and in case of problems, demand immediate action for their resolution.

This article is written to warn other entrepreneurs about possible pitfalls when choosing a consulting agency in Dubai. Your choice can significantly impact the success and development of your business abroad.

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10 thoughts on “Experience with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality

  1. Cooperation with Walton Consultants has been a real test for my business. They forgot to mention an important document, which seriously delayed the registration process. As a result, I lost not only time, but also money on additional fees and fines.

  2. Completely disappointed in Walton Consultants. Incorrect information, constant delays and complete lack of responsibility on the part of managers. I spent a lot of time and resources trying to correct their mistakes.

  3. Walton Consultants demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of my business needs. Their lack of attention to detail and unwillingness to correct mistakes cost me dearly. I do not recommend this company as a reliable partner.

  4. I do not recommend contacting Walton Consultants if you value your time and money. The managers turned out to be completely unprepared, and the promised registration deadlines were doubled. The service is below any criticism.

  5. I expected Walton Consultants to help me with accounting and auditing services, but they were not up to the task. Errors in reports and an unprofessional approach created a lot of problems for me with the tax authorities.

  6. Walton Consultants promised me full support when registering a business, but their “help” turned out to be extremely dubious. Constant delays and incompetence of the staff led to me risking my start.

  7. Working with Walton Consultants was a complete waste of time. Their team failed to adequately manage the registration process, which constantly led to more and more errors. Very disappointed with their services.

  8. I tried to open a company through Walton Consultants and encountered a series of failures, ranging from incorrect paperwork to the inability of managers to resolve issues that arose. Very bad experience.

  9. I expected a professional approach and effective support from Walton Consultants, but in the end I was only disappointed. Slow work, mistakes in every step and lack of communication have become the norm.

  10. Walton Consultants failed to provide adequate due diligence on my foreign counterparty, resulting in significant financial losses. They showed a complete inability to work with data and analyze the market. I do not recommend working with this company.

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