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About company

Stocks&Funds – a revolution in trading and investing

Break into the world of investing and online tradin with ambitious goals and a carefully thought-out development strategy, focusing on three fundamentally important indicators for us:

  • Yield
  • Assets
  • Client base

The company was founded in 2022 and we are open about it. But thanks to the revolutionary development strategy, we managed to implement the most effective trends of the last few years in a matter of months

3 thoughts on “STOCKS&FUNDS REVIEW

  1. I wholeheartedly recommend this broker! The platform is very convenient, the managers are just bunnies, they will tell you everything, explain everything)))) It has never been so pleasant for me to make money. It used to take me six months to earn $3,000, but now it takes me a week.

  2. I was looking for a broker to trade cryptocurrency and found Stocks Funds. Interested in a large selection of accounts and small commissions. The broker has a mobile version of trading, which is very important for me since I travel a lot and do not want to carry a laptop with me. After analyzing the site, I realized that I liked everything except for the lack of licenses. Tell me, is this cause for concern?

  3. SCAM! People, the law, God – they are not afraid of anything, they do what they want. They called my grandmother, they began to tell how someone, once with their help, earned a house for a month. Grandmother wrote down the name, surname of the “client” asked a neighbor to check if he was a really famous trader. And then when they realized that she was interested, they began to speculate with their grandchildren and children. I don’t know what they told her there, but she took out a loan for $1,000. I started making about $1,000 a day. This company said to pay commissions, interest, for this the granny also took a micro loan. When they realized that there was nothing to pull from it, they simply overturned it. Grandma called, wrote – ignore. She cries for days on end, the sugar on her nerves jumped, now she is in the hospital. I have a family, its treatment is difficult to pull, and then there are loans. I don’t know what to do or where to run. Stock Funds scammers!!!

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