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Exquisite panoramic restaurant from Ginza Project in the Ukraine Hotel. Buono operates on the 29th floor in one of the seven famous high-rises. Interior The concept of the Buono restaurant’s cuisine is regional Italian classics. The menu has a large selection of seafood and crudo dishes. Homemade pasta and 15 types of Neapolitan pizza are prepared right in the hall, in front of the guests. The list includes classic, vegetarian and signature options with black truffle. Attention has also been paid to meat; the menu includes dishes such as duck leg, veal cheek brasato and various steaks.

The multi-page wine list predictably includes varieties from different regions of Italy: Piedmont, Friuli, Tuscany, Sicily and others. A little less – wines from France and the New World. And just a huge selection of sparkling wines!

Kutuzovsky Ave. 2/1, Moscow
+7 (495) 229-83-08

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Buono Reviews

  1. My recent dining experience at this restaurant was utterly disappointing. From the moment I walked in, it was clear that the service was going to be a nightmare. The staff seemed disinterested and inattentive, leaving us waiting for ages just to place an order. And when the food finally arrived, it was anything but fresh – the salad was wilted, and the main course tasted like it had been reheated multiple times.

  2. I cannot stress enough how terrible this restaurant is. The service was shockingly bad; we had to flag down a server multiple times just to get a glass of water. As for the food, it was a disaster. The fish in my dish was clearly not fresh and had a strong odor. It was evident that the kitchen had no concern for quality.

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