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WEBSITE: https://qrax.org/

About company:

The creators of Kraks do not report the country of registration of the project. There are no registration documents on the official website of the crypto wallet. The address of the head office is also not called.
The qrax.org resource is available only in English, which may cause inconvenience to Russian-speaking users. The main page of the official site of the project is as follows.
There is virtually no list of contact details, no phone number, no mail. To contact support, you only need to fill out a feedback form and wait for a response. In addition, there are links to the project pages in social networks.
Crax calls itself a privacy payment network and a vault for micro-cryptocurrency assets. This wallet, in his own words, is decentralized, peer-to-peer, quantum-safe, anonymous, open source, focused on the development of the crypto community.
In what year this crypto wallet started working is unknown, he himself does not say anything about it. Information about the creators of the project is also missing.
List of supported Qrax coins
The list of supported coins can be found in the upper right corner of the official website. It looks like this:
Tether (ERC-20).
It can be seen that the list is very modest, consisting of only five items. That is, only the most popular cryptocurrencies are supported.
How to use the Crax wallet
Any user can use the safe and secure QRAX payment network without going into technical details. Once he installs the wallet app on his computer, it will generate the first QRAX address. Users can share their addresses with friends and partners so they can pay them, and vice versa. The app is very similar to the email app, users send a transaction to a wallet address.
All confirmed transactions are included in the blockchain. Having a constant connection to the blockchain, QRAX wallets can calculate the balance and verify that in new transactions the coins are actually being spent by their owner. The validity and chronological order of the blockchain are created by secure cryptographic algorithms and protected from unauthorized access.
Sending and receiving confidential transactions in the Crax ecosystem is extremely easy. According to the project itself, it:
Provides tools and resources that allow you to constantly control your funds.
Rewards everyone who keeps coins in their wallets and keeps the network secure.
Guarantees the absence of any third-party interference.
Guarantees privacy.
You can install Krax software on almost any device, including PCs running Windows, Linux and MacOS, as well as mobile devices running IOS and Android.
Limits and commissions Qrax
There is no information about limits and commissions. In order to try to find out at least something on this issue, you can either contact support directly, asking about limits and commissions, or read real reviews about Crax.
This crypto wallet looks quite interesting, although a more detailed analysis of the project’s official website makes it clear that there are some “white spots”. In addition, the exclusively English-language interface makes it difficult for Russian-speaking users to understand the already not very simple information.
Based on the foregoing, it is not worth making a hasty decision to work with this wallet. At a minimum, at first you need to study the reviews about Qrax, find out the opinion of people about this crypto wallet, and also consult with an independent specialist.

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