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The BingX exchange supports spot trading in cryptocurrencies, fiat, derivatives and commodities. The project has been operating since 2018. It has licenses for exchange activities issued in several countries. BingX has a built-in copy tool for professional traders. As well as trading in demo mode. For registration on the exchange, the user receives a bonus of up to $100.

7 thoughts on “BingX Review

  1. BingX app puts minimums for transferring and withdrawing money. I had 0.00089 ETH which is equivalent of 15$. There’s no way to get my money back from this platform as they put minimums ie 0.00089 is not convertible. I am not counting the high fees and recurring cuts for all transfers. (I’m a user from USA)
    Stay away from these burglars!

  2. This a good platform for trade crypto, commodities, Forex
    Copy trading
    Influencers 😉
    good rewards and bonus from referral’s
    You can receive a welcome bonus 😎 don’t miss and join. Referral code : EDTKGT

  3. I have been using bingx for a while now, probably for about 6 months and I have not had a single issue yet. The UI is simple to understand and really user friendly, fees are low and it is very easy to understand the charts and BingX gives everything you need to start trading.
    10/10 recommend to everyone.

  4. One of the best crypto trading platform for multiple features like spot, futures, copy social trading, grid trading and much more with a hassle free and smooth experience. Authentic and ambitious community. Glad to be the part of this exchange.

  5. Bringx is one of the safest platform on the crypto world now. I hold and trade here from the start till now. This is highly recommended specially to the new traders because of their copy trade. 😍😍

  6. Sends spam emails that can’t be opted out of. The unsubscribe link in the email leads to a dead end. When contacting support there is no option in the preferences when logged in to opt out of the spammy emails. When I asked to delete my account a link was issued but that link asks to generate a code that should be sent to my email but that code is never sent even on multiple retries. Contacting the live support they are just confused by simple English and still want me to click the ‘unsubscribe’ button that doesn’t work. After 20 minutes with the support, and repeating myself like a stuck record, they tell me a specialist has “switched the channel of sending codes for me” and to try after 5 mins?! really, what kind of information system is that? It’s broken and not user friendly and not well-thought-out! moreover it’s frustrating, and that makes it useless.

  7. This is a good platform, many coins to trade. Support is very fast, transaction costs will be reduced by 50% when you register to receive a discount code when sign up M8UHFU

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