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Address: 1 Pl. de la Crémaillère, 98000 Monaco

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About company

Our goal is your financial success

WSCStocks is one of the leading and fastest growing brokers in the world. We offer our clients attractive trading conditions, fast and error-free order execution, and the most advanced and innovative technological trading solutions.

What do we do?

We have been operating in the market for more than 7 years. During this time, the company has managed to gain recognition among traders around the world. We offer the best technological solutions for trading. The company’s trading conditions make it possible to maximize the potential profit that financial markets have.

Quick transactions

For most traders trading in the financial markets (especially those who prefer short-term transactions with small profits), the speed of opening and closing transactions is of no small importance. In general, due to the high liquidity of the market, there are practically no problems with this – small positions up to 2-5 lots are executed in a matter of seconds.Our quotes are provided directly from the most reliable and liquid suppliers, which ensures the speed and accuracy of work.

Top Tier Markets

Our team of investment professionals is focused on finding the most reliable and diverse offerings in the financial markets.

Full digitization

Our entire investment process is digital, from registering and signing documents to reporting and claiming capital information.

Secondary market

Together with Lexington Partners, WSCStocks’ innovative secondary market provides institutional grade liquidity to our clients for an asset class that is typically illiquid.

3 thoughts on “WSCSTOCKS REVIEW

  1. I decided to register on WSCStocks solely because of the low entry threshold. I do not want to lose a large amount in case of failure, so I started with $150. And it’s good that I played it safe and didn’t transfer a larger amount, because with such bestial conditions and a non-working program, I absolutely don’t want to stay here! I really don’t want to deal with such amateurs, but it’s impossible to terminate the relationship ahead of schedule, they squeezed my money and don’t want to give it back

  2. I warn you, don’t repeat my mistake. The swindlers contacted me themselves, although I had never been interested in trading before. They wrote in Odnoklassniki, they promised to help well if I join the project. I decided not immediately, but they managed to convince me. I transferred 2000 bucks, at that time my last money, but almost immediately after the transaction I was blacklisted, and my WSCStocks account was banned

  3. a pretty good platform where you can really make money if you have at least an initial idea of ​​​​online trading. Without experience, I still do not advise to meddle. but if you learn, then nothing will prevent you from getting a stable profit. a lot depends on the plan, but even in the initial terminal it is stable, and quotes are updated on time.

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