How to Avoid Deception When Choosing a Real Estate Agency: Experience with LUXISOR in Spain

Choosing a real estate agency is a crucial step when buying or renting a property. However, not all agencies offer quality services. Let’s examine the story of clients who turned to the LUXISOR agency in Spain and their negative experience.

Hidden Property Nuances:

LUXISOR clients were promised excellent property options, but they discovered hidden flaws in the properties during the process. This marked the beginning of their negative experience with the agency.

Transaction Closing Issues:

The transaction process with LUXISOR turned out to be much longer than expected by the clients. Although deadlines were discussed in advance, time stretched out, resulting in inconvenience and additional costs.

Mismatch with Needs:

LUXISOR realtors recommended properties to clients with high commissions that did not meet their needs and budget. This led to disappointment and additional financial expenses.

Incompetence in Legal Matters:

LUXISOR realtors proved to be incompetent in legal aspects of real estate and documentation issues. This resulted in serious problems and delays in the transaction process.

Refusal to Rectify Mistakes:

After discovering problems and errors in LUXISOR’s work, clients approached the agency to rectify the situation. However, the agency showed no willingness to help and refused to correct its mistakes.

The story of clients who approached the LUXISOR real estate agency in Spain is an example of the importance of carefully choosing partners when buying property. Dishonest agencies can not only create numerous problems but also lead to serious financial losses. Be vigilant and research the reputation of the agency to avoid negative experiences.

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  1. I do not recommend contacting LUXISOR if you want to avoid trouble. They have proven themselves to be inexperienced and incompetent professionals, unable to provide quality customer service.

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