Caution: Issues with Pravo Management Consultancies LLC in Dubai

Introduction: The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Consulting Agency
Selecting the right consulting agency for company registration abroad is crucial. Expectations of quality consultation and professional support can shatter when an agency, such as Pravo Management Consultancies LLC, fails to meet expectations.

Insufficient Competence of Managers and Initial Problems
Based on our experience, initial problems arose immediately. Despite initially gathering the necessary document package, Pravo Management failed to mention a critically important document, leading to delays in the registration process.

Critical Delays and Non-Adherence to Timelines
Once all documents were finally prepared and registration timelines preliminarily agreed upon, the registration process unexpectedly prolonged for an indefinite period. This significantly impacted our plans and incurred additional financial and time costs.

Insufficient Quality of Additional Services
Apart from company registration, Pravo Management offers services such as tax support, investment services, market analysis in the UAE, among others. However, our experience showed that the quality of these services was subpar, with numerous errors and deficiencies leading to lack of expected results.

Lack of Willingness of the Agency to Rectify Mistakes
One of the most significant issues in dealing with Pravo Management was their unwillingness to acknowledge and rectify mistakes. Despite our numerous complaints and attempts to resolve issues, the agency took no action to address the problems.

Conclusion: Recommendations for Entrepreneurs
Based on our experience, we recommend future clients thoroughly research the reputation and reviews of any consulting agency before initiating collaboration. Ensure that the agency possesses the necessary qualifications, experience, and willingness for open and honest communication.

This article is written to caution businessmen about potential risks associated with choosing consulting services in Dubai. Making the right choice of consulting agency can be the key to success for your business abroad.

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10 thoughts on “Caution: Issues with Pravo Management Consultancies LLC in Dubai

  1. Seriously disappointed in Pravo Management Consultancies. I expected professional assistance from them in registering a company, but I was faced with indifference and incompetence. The process dragged on for months due to their lack of attention to detail and forgetfulness of important documents. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

  2. I contacted Pravo Management to quickly register my business, but instead of help I only got a headache. They missed several key documents and kept pushing back deadlines. It feels like they are encountering such a process for the first time.

  3. Complete disappointment from working with Pravo Management Consultancies. Managers not only made errors in the documentation, but also failed to correct them in a timely manner, which critically affected the launch of my project. Waste of time and money, won’t be back.

  4. Not professionals. Pravo Management Consultancies managed to miss important details of my registration, which led to a delay. Their approach to solving problems leaves much to be desired—no initiative or responsibility.

  5. Working with Pravo Management was one of my worst business decisions. Inability to quickly and accurately process information, constant delays and incorrect paperwork. I do not recommend this consulting firm.

  6. Due to the unprofessionalism of the Pravo Management staff, I had to hire another company to complete the registration process. They completely ignored my comments and failed to adequately correct the situation.

  7. The promises of Pravo Management Consultancies are not worth a damn. Insufficient qualifications, errors in documents and lack of a clear understanding of the processes – this is what I received instead of professional support.

  8. It is impossible to get a clear answer from Pravo Management Consultancies or correction of their own mistakes. My business suffered due to their slowness and incompetence. Very disappointed.

  9. I hired Pravo Management to register my IT company, but their low level of knowledge and lack of attention to detail made me abandon their services halfway through. I had to start all over again with another agency.

  10. Disappointing experience with Pravo Management. They made the registration process so difficult and long that I almost lost my investors. The competence and responsibility of the employees left much to be desired.

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