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Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has been operating since 2018. Registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading in over one hundred coins and derivatives. MEXC Global charges a 0.2% taker and maker fee for transactions. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:125. The exchange also includes services for P2P exchange. The trading platform is implemented in the form of mobile and desktop applications.

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  1. Exactly like other people have said here, exact same experience, exact excuses given by different support agents over 2 days. They allow you to sign up without KYC to lure you in, then when you try to withdraw they give a bs error message “servers are busy, try again in 3min” for 2 days. I contacted support, they said I triggered “risk control system”?? Exactly like other people have said here. Customer agent told me I need to provide them personal information, holding some piece of paper with ID, my face, and some info written on paper, “in order to protect you from scammer or hackers”, so that they know it is me that needs to withdraw, they didn’t collect my ID to that point, so there would be no way to know if the ID given is actually me, clearly bs. Ok so I gave in to their demands and exposed my personal info to this compnay, I did ‘advanced KYC’ and I gave them the selfie they demanded in order for them to give me my own funds back that they had no issue collecting in the first place, no KYC needed, no security issues there, happy to take your money asap, then collect fees on your trades and then keep your money not give it back. They keep saying “team is working on this right now” “it is under processing” “they need to analyse the security issue”, load of bs. They have no problem taking your funds and keeping them, support will give you the same pre-prepared useless responses and no help. I have screenshots of some conversations and error messages, I might make a video about it and upload it to youtube so people are aware of what can happen if they send their money to this company. They give no notifications before they lock your funds or that you “triggered security system”, you find out later when damage is done, the error messages you are shown are unrelated. Apart from FTX, I have not seen anything like this before on any other exchange, the dishonest practice. Of course even if I do get my balance back, I will not get compensated for the damage. Your money is their money if you deposit. Maybe they let you withdraw, maybe not, up to them you cant do anything

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