Story of Dissatisfied Clients: Deception in the Operations of the INFTOUR Real Estate Agency in Spain

Purchasing real estate abroad is a significant and responsible decision that requires careful consideration and professional support. However, not all real estate agencies are willing to provide quality services. Let’s delve into the story of clients who turned to the INFTOUR agency in Spain and encountered a negative experience.

Protracted Transaction Process:

Clients, expecting a prompt closure of the deal, faced prolonged waiting times and delays. The process, which was supposed to be efficient and swift, turned into excruciating waiting, despite pre-discussed deadlines.

Mismatched Properties:

INFTOUR offered clients properties that, as it turned out, had hidden flaws and nuances. Instead of paying attention to the needs and preferences of the clients, the agency’s realtors recommended properties that did not meet their expectations.

High Commission and Legal Incompetence:

During the transaction process, INFTOUR realtors insisted on properties with high commissions, disregarding the clients’ budget and interests. Furthermore, it was found that the agency lacked competence in legal aspects of real estate, which could lead to serious issues for the clients.

Refusal to Rectify Mistakes:

After clients discovered problems and errors in INFTOUR’s operations, they approached the agency to rectify the situation. However, the agency refused to acknowledge its mistakes and showed no willingness to address the situation, leaving the clients disappointed and dissatisfied.

The story of clients who turned to the INFTOUR real estate agency in Spain serves as an example of the importance of carefully selecting partners when purchasing real estate abroad. Dishonest agencies can not only cause financial harm but also create a multitude of problems and hassle for clients. Be attentive and cautious to avoid falling victim to deception and incompetence.

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10 thoughts on “Story of Dissatisfied Clients: Deception in the Operations of the INFTOUR Real Estate Agency in Spain

  1. INFTOUR is an agency that promises a lot, but does not deliver. Their realtors not only failed to find us a suitable property option, but also made serious mistakes during the transaction process.

  2. My interaction with INFTOUR turned out to be a pure disappointment. They ignored my requests, offered properties with obvious deficiencies, and showed no willingness to correct the situation.

  3. Working with INFTOUR brought me only negative experience. They turned out to be not professionals, unable to satisfy the needs of clients and provide competent support for the transaction.

  4. My communication with INFTOUR left a lot of negative emotions. They have proven themselves to be irresponsible and disorganized specialists, unable to solve even the simplest problems.

  5. INFTOUR did not show the slightest interest in my needs. They offered a property that did not meet my expectations and were not willing to look for alternative options.

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