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The popularity of digital money is growing every day. There are different ways to get the desired coin, but it would be best to use the services of professional trading platforms. The list of honest companies includes the world-famous exchange HitBTC. The platform is in the lists of trading luminaries of the crypto space. She has a long history and vast experience. It appeared on the market in 2013 with a starting capital (in the form of investments) of about $6 million. Information about the work of the company often appears in the media. Articles are published in Finance Yahoo, Cointelegraph and DigitalJournal. The exchange has created its own product – this is a highly functional API. The idea has concentrated a maximum of usefulness for the site developers.

11 thoughts on “HitBTC Review

  1. for me its nice, i didnt saw any problem, but if they support worked quikly or if they put canceletion for order it could be best, thank you

  2. HITBTC telltale signs of scam:

    1) multiple reports of people losing funds on their reviews page.
    2) if you type in ‘BCC is a scam’ in the ‘troll box’ you get instantly banned
    3) they have given everyone 500 trx, the minimum you can sell is 1000 trx, the minimum you can buy is 1000 trx, scam.
    4) they only have a ‘deposit’ button, no withdraw button. You need to click the ‘deposit’ button to withdraw.
    oh and 5
    5) they will not release the information of the company, company location, cio, or anything related to identifying the company.
    it stinks of scam

    NOTE: After doing some research I managed to sell out and withdraw BTC recently. When attempting my transaction i was greeted with a message reading “btc network is experiencing issues, your transaction may be halted for up to four weeks and hitbtc staff may have to manually process the transaction.”

    I waited for the message to go away before I attempted my transaction. My transaction took a couple of hours to reach the blockchain. I could not find any source to confirm hitbtc’s message.

  3. I have to change, my opinion for HITBTC
    Today i lost hope. I was realy strong supporting hitbtc wherever i could. But after delisting today ultc without any official annoucment, they showed me that they dont care what will happen to customer money, and i lost a lot. Because of that i decided to move on, and i moved my rest funds to other exchange. Recommending not using HitBTC anytime soon, they can delist tokens without any warning, and basicly stole u r funds. Please be aware of that before using this exchange.

  4. They will come up with fenced scams.. Meaning they’ll do something that affects a disposable portion of the population while others will think a section of traders are whining for no reason. You will get no reply to your tickets whatsoever. Money gone, point blank.

    All those who think it’s fine will eventually buy some coin that HitBTC have decided to base the latest scam on, and then regret ignoring all the warnings flying around. But there are so many new investors that the scam profits are worth losing some traders periodically.

    Edit: in reply to hitbtc below, I’m glad you guys have invested in customer care but you need to fix the issues not pretend they don’t exist.
    You’ve asked for an opportunity to somllve my problems, so here goes, on a public forum..
    What have you done to compensate those who bought PRS only to find out you had had set that commonly understood ticker to PMC, a dead long gone coin? Why would you even list it apart from to perform fraudulent dumping on unsuspecting traders? It’s like buying USD and finding out it stood for something else, like Ugandan State Dollar. Very very suspicious and fraudulent. Forget my personal tickets, please explain this one since you’re wearing this customer centric hat this last few weeks..

  5. I love to trade there with minimal amount of transaction. Many coins and token trade in HitBTC. Honestly, it’s great exchange.
    But you will very difficult when you get any assistance. You lead the system not the system leads you.

  6. A small transfer of tokens from my ICO wallet to HITBTC exchange wallet takes more than 1 month.
    Manipulated. That’s all.
    Never again.

  7. I will NEVER recommend HitBTC platform to anyone as it were. The support is very horrible, to put it very mildly.
    They have only one standardized email response to every support issue and never give a damn to resolve issues.

    I sent DCT coins from Bittrex to HitBTC which was released from Bittrex but never got to my HitBTC account. Transaction block number is 6091803.
    I wrote to Bittrex support and got very responsive reply within one hour. I wrote to HitBTC support and the only thing I got was their standardized support email reply that they are working on it. This will be a second time I lost my coins at HitBTC. The first was W3Coins. I placed a a sell order. I canceled the order to change the price and my coins disappeared into thin air. I wrote HitBTC support and all I got was their standard support email reply till date. Guys, please stay away from this SCAM platform called HitBTC for your own good!!! Else, you’ll regret like me.

  8. The withdrawal procedure is too complex.
    If I’ve activated the 2FA and every activity has been confirmed by the email, why do I have to wait 2 days before withdraw my money (among other things were small amounts)?

  9. Support replied within 24hrs. Email was straight to the point, however I don’t care about politeness. I want my coins when I go through the process of purchase or withdrawal whenever I intiate them. It’s day number 3 now and I’m still waiting for my coins. It’s only about _100 worth but if I had this problem with a Bitcoin I would have never used this exchange again. I feel like my coins are in prison and I’m not in control of their release.

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