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Start your superb trading experience with CoinEgg

We keep providing safe & stable digital assets trading services to users worldwide

  • Convenient & Smooth ExperienceCoinEgg provides 7*24-hour non-stop trading service based on the users’ habits and the principle of experience first
  • Top-level SecurityCoinEgg is deeply rooted in the digital currency industry and has accumulated a large number of R&D talents in the digital currency industry to provide users with top-level security
  • Global Users’ C-C Trading SiteCoinEgg serves global users and continues to introduce digital currency in various countries to provide users with global trading services
  • Abundant Digital CurrenciesCoinEgg collects high-quality currencies in the coin market and offers a comprehensive range of digital currencies

Distinguish right from wrong, hold fast to the bottom line, and keep our word and promises.

3 thoughts on “COINEGG Review

  1. This site is a scam! You can deposit money freely on this site, but if you want to withdraw, they will start to powder your head with verification, they say that one thing does not suit them, then the other will continue indefinitely just to prevent you from withdrawing money, and all other reviews are bought simply! ( (

  2. To enter, verification is elementary – a passport is enough. And for the output, you will have to find 2 more documents, take care of their readable form, and hope that they will be approved. Always interested, why not vice versa? In general, the same eggs, only in profile (sorry for the pun). And they are also very touchy – just try to write something impartial on Twitter (I hope they don’t read it here =) – a block is guaranteed right away.

  3. If you compare even with the same Binance, then the comparison will clearly not be in favor of Coinegg. Of the minuses – low trading volumes, lack of fiat currencies, and withdrawal fees are huge, especially for large traders, who basically form the order book. Well, then why is it needed?

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